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A little bit about us.


As an outside the box member of your team with strong SQL Server expertise, Expert SQL DBA provide full spectrum of database solutions and services.

About Expert SQL DBA

Things like usability, accessibility, security and good DBA standards are always on top of our list. We understand every project is unique, and proper planning and strategy helps make it a success. But that's not all. We stagger our work, taking time to do it right, so you know your project is getting the attention it deserves.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

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    Our Vision

    By providing a unique blend of technical expertise and client relationships we will be a trusted partner, advisor and provider for technical expertise.

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    Our Mission

    In everything that we do our mission is to ask ourselves how we can achieve this in most efficient way using our expertise and networks to deliver industry leading services.

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    Our Values

    Our values guide our everyday decisions and behaviour. We embrace change, We enhance trust, We deliver results.

About Expert SQL DBA

We Love SQL Server

We are trained, certified and experienced with SQL Server and all the technologies required to maintain a high performance, secure and reliable database environment to keep your business up and running.

Why Expert SQL DBA?

We embrace change
Our flexibility and desire to improve sets us apart. We work hard to understand and support our clients ever changing business needs. We work in ever changing environment.
We enhance trust
We are command to high levels of trust within our market areas. We understand that building trust underpins all of our relationships both internally and externally.
We deliver results
Making a difference matters. Based on technical certainty and attention to details, we provide realistic solutions to ensure that our results count for us and for our clients.